Founded in 2012, currently a subsidiary company of Digital China, Yungoal is a high-tech company focusing on migration, operations, maintenance and software development on public and hybrid cloud platforms. Yungoal aims to be a world-leading software and service provider in cloud computing. Yungoal’s business is all about the Cloud. Yungoal’s headquarter is located in Shanghai and also has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Chengdu and Seattle.

Yungoal has provided professional technical consulting, training and software development services for hundreds of global top 500 companies and startups. The Yunboard platform, developed independently by Yungoal, enables SaaS services such as billing, monitoring and resource managing across various public cloud and private cloud platforms. Yungoal is a Gold Cloud Platform Partner and Gold Application Development Partner of Microsoft, an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, the Cloud Service Partner of Ali Cloud, the Golden Partner of Oracle. Meanwhile, Yungoal is also partnering with Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Baidu Cloud, and IBM Bluemix.

Awards & Accomplishments

2017-Top Azure Partner

2017-Best Microsoft technical solution provider

2017-Top Azure Comsuption Solution

Member of big data association in Shanghai

2016-Best growth business Award

2016-Leading cloud services and deployment provider

2016-Best cloud partner

The first leading Start-up young elite in Shanghai

2016-Leading big data services provider

2016-Best financial solution provider

2015-Innovative solution provider

2015-Leading Microsoft cloud technology partner

The first leading Start-up young elite in Shanghai

2014-Cloud solution provider 50 strong


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