High concurrency & performance

Servers and databases are highly scalable and stable for handling high concurrency, with performance unaffected.

Seamless CDN integration

Multiple CDN nodes in China and overseas provide speedy access. Seamless CDN integration offers better viewing experience.

Customized video management system

The customized video content management system supports all major devices and realizes smart video processing via public cloud.

Flexible operation & secure data

The management is simple and flexible. The permissions are clearly defined to ensure data security, avoiding internal resource leakage and legal problems.

Media in the Cloud


Yungoal provide a comprehensive video cloud solution based on public cloud, including video content management and processing. We offer high-quality solutions covering deployment, customized development and maintenance for customers. The unified CMS system and video player supports all major devices. Together with smart video processing enabled on public cloud, this solution can be applied to scenarios like online education, video-on-demand and live streaming and advertisement distribution.

Enterprise-level service


Media resource management, including file upload and download, access permission management etc.

Encoding, supporting encoding and decoding in various formats and resolutions.

Smart media analysis, speech recognition, smart noise reduction.

Content protection, DRM, broadcasting right control.

Real-time live streaming, dynamic bitrate.

Video watermark, real-time image processing, pornography detection and handling.

Video player adapted to various platforms