Comprehensive solution

Provide integrated, reliable, secure, personalized IoT solution in the cloud to bring out the true value of your business.

Diversified sharing services

Support global deployment, endpoint interconnection, data consolidation and diversified sharing services in the cloud.

Patented technology

Patented RFID and iBeacon solution and Smart Home system (Patent Nr.: 201220285083.X),connect and scale various devices.

Software development

International experts provide customized solutions and application development for clients.

IoT in the Cloud


Yungoal provides patented IoT solution, relevant application software development service, cloud computing service and technical consultation regarding sensor-enabled devices. Our solutions can be applied to scenarios such as smart library, smart supermarket, smart hotel and IoV. We provide integrated, reliable and secure IoT strategy, satisfying your requirement both now and future and bringing out the true value of your business.获得真正的业务价值。



Leverage patented RFID and iBeacon solution and Smart Home system (Patent Nr.: 201220285083.X) and provide automated solutions.

Professional cloud computing services. Employ your architecture in different clouds.

Automated maintenance, 24*7 monitoring and response, timely exception handling.

Secure and efficient deployment in different scenarios.

Effectively leverage data to perform Big Data analysis and Machine Learning.

Provide customized software development and IoT solutions based on enterprise requirements.