Dev-Ops Automation,Ops team 24*7 monitor and response.





· 24*7 Monitoring service with Yunboard
· Token system to track customer issues

Tech Support

· Professional tech support offering fast response
· Finding and resolving faults




Professional Teams

·Professional support staff with over 10 years of industrial experience.
· We specialise in solving the impossible
· Tracking and resolving cloud platform issues

Development Teams

· Product issues and repair
· Advisement on client code repair

Professional Ops tools

·Yunboard monitor platform: Monitoring your application’s global...

Professional Ops tools

· Yunboard: Monitoring your application’s global status.
· Yunboard: Monitoring your servers’s load and usage status.
·Configure management tools: SCCM, Puppet, Chef and other such tools.
· Script vault: Complete 80% Stand-alone, and 100% Bulk Operations.

DevOps Scale

·We support multi Os, database and platforms.
·Hybrid cloud support...

DevOps Scale

· We support multi Os, database and platforms.
· Hybrid cloud support
· Over 8000 servers presently under our care
· Over 20% of PaaS service operations