Popular interet media platform

Product & Solution : Media Cloud Solution

This Popular interet media platform is one of the most influential online video network in the Chinese market with over 300 million audience globally. As it’s cooperation with oversea operators and TV stations increases, the owners demanded a B2B2C TV cloud...

International fast food chain

Product & Solution : Call Center Solution

Founded in the U.S., this international fast food chain is a large-scale global chain of fast food restaurants. It owns over 32,000 fast food restaurants in 121 countries and regions all over the world.

International car maker

Product & Solution : Architecture design, migration, maintenance

This International car maker is a world renowned automobile manufacture, Globally, it has a large customer base. In order to better service it's customers, cloud based online platforms were built for it's different brands.

International soft drink manufacturer

Product & Solution : PaaS migration, Architecture design

This international soft drink manufacturer is the world's largest beverage company and a Fortune 500 Company. Each of it's brands will have campaigns every couple of months, which requires setting up multiple websites for marketing campaigns.

International cosmetic manufacturer

Product & Solution : Architecture design, migration, maintenance

This world-famous cosmetics manufacture has a large customer base globally. It leverage the online platform to showcase its different brands and offer various functionalities. At the business level, the whole system can be divided into three types: brand website, e-commerce website and mobile application.

International health care product manufacturer

Product & Solution : Media Service solution + migration

The client is the leading business and anti-aging expert in the personal skin care and health care product industry. It urgently requires a media platform for the employees and agencies to upload, download, share, and view videos. Facing enormous amount of visits, the servers, databases and video playing and uploading is challenged by high concurrency.

Big Data

Product & Solution : Big Data Solution

Big Data is the new focus in the information technology application following cloud computing, IoT and mobile Internet, it is the new engine for the continuous rapid growth of the IT industry. Chongqing Government takes this opportunity in the hope of building a core Big Data platform, covering functionalities such as data cleaning, data processing, data mining, data consolidation, data access, data standard, data exchange, data market etc.