Unified, convenient, multi-platform

Support third-party authentication, AD integration, compatible with multiple platforms, no installations needed.

99.95% High availability

Ensure a high availability of 99.95%. All communications are encrypted and their records are stored in real time

Elastic control

No upper limit of online users, support on-demand scaling out and in.

Global deployment & development

Provide standard REST API call for third-parties, support global deployment and customized interface development.

Call Center in the Cloud


Yungoal provides a simple and light call center solution and enterprise-level services. Using public cloud, it generates the lowest messaging cost and provides easy-to-access capability of data analysis. There’s no need to install any software and it can be integrated with internal accounts, ensuring security. Compared with traditional call center, Yungoal call center provides lower cost, shorter construction cycle, flexible allocation, Big Data analysis, distributed deployment and elastic scaling. It is efficient, secure and highly available.

What we achieved


Analyze each order and improve service quality.

Reduce labor cost and decrease call center staff

Improve customer satisfaction and decrease maintenance cost

Communicate with users in a unified platform

Effectively leverage Big Data analysis and Machine Learning

A new-generation enterprise-level online call center with high availability of 99.95% and scalability