Perfect control over data quality

Data-as-a-Service, realize data acquisition on-demand and coexistence of diversified data.

One-stop technology service

Technical consultation and service, such as onsite cluster installation, configuration, Poc execution etc. Regularly health check and rapid response in case of cluster failure.

Customized Hadoop platform

Develop customized functions on the Hadoop platform level based on customer requirements, and push to the open-source version.

Technical support from experts

Professional technical support for organizations implementing Big Data solutions, From POC, development, to QA/testing and to production and deployment.

Big Data in the Cloud


Yungoal helps you build Big Data platform, develop and deploy relevant system clusters such as Hadoop and Spark and real-time Big Data stream processing system. We offer machine learning model design, smart business deployment and design and provide professional and systematic Big Data solution for you. Yungoal has cumulated rich practical experience in deployment and development of systems like Hadoop and Spark, among which the most difficult part is about workload. You can get in touch with the most experienced team in Apache Hadoop. We leverage Big Data analysis, application and basic architecture to assist you take on opportunities related to Big Data, to ensure real-time capability, security and reliability in data center scaling, and to support innovation, improve operation efficiency and simplify the whole IT process.

What we achieved


Leverage Big Data to gain insight and better predict behavior, so as to improve products and services

Modern marketing approach to provide unified, personalized customer experience across channels体验;

Use Big Data in real time to prevent fraud related to products and services, in order to reduce risks

Improve efficiency and performance with the help of better insights and better understand and predict employee performance regarding each skills

Provide high efficiency and scalability for handling large volume of events and jobs rapidly